Grandparents ~ love & affection

Even if you don’t spend thousand hours in discussion daily, it doesn’t mean the bond is not strong enough. Grandparents' care and affection — a great blessing of Allah — can not be explained in words! You know someone is praying for you! You embrace every challenging task because you know someone is here supplicating for your eternal success!

To whom we’ll call now before our exam night. To whom we’ll share our success afterwards.

The one and only one, “Badshaho Jaesay Dada” has left us in this worldly life for his divine abode. ~

What we have now been mere memories. One of the unforgettable memories I have is when, for my podcast assignment, I interviewed my grandfather. I am thrilled to hear again how he fully remembered his past incidences. Ma Sha Allah!

Ignore my interviewing skills (*pun intended*) At that time, I was not good at — , though he appreciated a lot




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