Loser’s lens

Sometimes it’s necessary to feel the life from a loser’s lens.

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

There’s a point in life when you are high on aims; you are high on energy, you feel like climbing as high as K-2, but then suddenly something happens. As rightly put forth, everything happens for a reason.

You get immersed in a situation where it seems very difficult to get out. You could not figure out the reason of being in that situation as if you are out in for a reason, by the Almighty so you can figure out the why. It’s a blessing by the Almighty that he puts you in that situation which seems awkward to you, but it gives you a lifelong lesson if you are a learner. For a learner, life is full of lessons to learn, to inspire, to serve, and to be what is best for you, not to be the best but rather be at peace with the best in you.
What is required to conquer that awkward situation is a little bit of courage to be get out when you have fallen. Or a lot of courage to first put yourself in that situation, and come back with a brave heart. All that requires is a learner mindset and courage!
And Ammara — you have everything to be what you want to be! Be brave! — my girl!



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