Markhored _ HO HO

Under the starry sky sleeping for only 3 hours inside the sleeping bag, fetching water before the toilet, cooking your meal after long trekking, sitting on stones for hours, interacting with diverse people, and getting ready without a mirror are all things that I have never thought to experience. The wilderness camping days were the most out-of-comfort zone days in my life. It made me realize how much I have underutilized my potential, even being privileged to be born and raised in Lahore.

Tears trickled down my face as I heard the story of the APS and cancer survivors, heart-melting down while conversing with the Hazara community, mind-blowing while listening to trainers of diverse fields, the quest for questioning igniting high while trekking with mentors, direction clarifying in freedom bell activities, love for nature nourishing and much more. The experiences can not be explained in words. Mindfulness sessions opened a window to be a critic of our past, present and future.

55 delegates selected from all over Pakistan represented 16 districts and 13 languages with their unique cultures, depicting the true colours of our country. Their struggle stories helped me realise how to be grateful in every situation, how to cope with the challenge when circumstances are not supporting you, and last but not least, how to be a responsible social being. I am glad that Markhor has given me a chance to explore the beautiful diversity of Pakistan. It is a wilderness where all cultural, social, physical, emotional and mental diversity interact.

The Markhor journey compelled me to surge the quest for unanswered questions. It has trained me to explore the discovered and to discover the explored, listen to heard and heard the unheard.

Photo by Matt Howard on Unsplash



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