On the way

Sometimes you visit a library with a laptop and a tip-top to-do list in mind. You feel you have the energy that no one in life has. You are on the path to conquering the world. After choosing a seat beside a window from where you can have a good view of the outside world, you just put on the start button of the laptop and meanwhile, you set up your things. You did not even want to waste a single moment — the time the laptop takes to start. To do list pops up, you review the tasks, add some more, and with a fresh mind, you are all set to start your day.

You don’t even realize how fast the time flies when you are involved in something close to your heart as you are fully involved! Rather, you don’t know the word exists for that feeling of being involved in the work you are delved. As rightly mentioned by the great mystic poet Rumi, “Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love”.

Then the days come when you don’t know what happened. Why have you lost your focus? Where’s the motivation? Where’s the courage to get up as you fall? And so, you start making connections to what happens. You force your mind to think logically, as much as you can, to come up with the reason for not being as you were a few days back. Just thinking and thinking, and you forgot to feel how things change. When you are paying no heed to the feelings, you are even more stressed about what happened, why it happened and how to get over it. It’s time to give a shut-up call to think more clearly. Sometimes it is apt to be confused, not feeling well, and feel that you are not feeling well. We should not overwhelm ourselves that we should always feel nice, even if we are not, only pretending that we are okay.

Tolkien’s golden words are apt to make things on the path again. “All those who wander not lost.” It is pertinent that, on the way, you are a little stressed or even more stressed, and you are feeling the way you should not experience, mostly. Take a break, make sense of the things around you and, most importantly, yourself. It’s not a time to think about great souls. Listen to your inner soul and follow the things that capture your heart. And it takes time to figure out what is capturing your ❤. Be brave and listen to the inner you!

As on the way, “certain things can catch your eyes but pursue only those who capture the heart”!

Photo by Matt Duncan on Unsplash



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